Dry Erase Easel- Elf Sign
Dry Erase Easel- Elf Sign

Dry Erase Easel- Elf Sign

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This dry erase elf sign is perfect for any little message your elf wants to leave. Reusable and easy to setup, this will take your elf antics to cute, new levels with all the notes or doodles your elf can leave behind! 

  • 4.25" x 6"
  • wooden dry erase sign
  • self-standing sign, easel
  • use any dry erase marker (not included) 
  • (elf doll not included)

Setup Time: Super Easy, multiple use

 IDEA: "Ours was used daily to leave a clue on where the elf was hiding. It was kept in the upstairs bathroom and the kids had to get dressed and brush their teeth before they could go downstairs and look for the elf each morning. That elf sure helped keep our morning routine in check all December!"