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The Floor is Lava - elf scene

The Floor is Lava - elf scene

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THE FLOOR IS LAVA!!! This game can be played again and again without losing its novelty! Use our props to announce the game and use your own household items to go along with it. 

What you get: 


  • "THE FLOOR IS LAVA" sign
  • 5 large flame cutouts on a strand. Can be hung from the ceiling or cut apart
  • 2 small flames for elf to "hold"
  • (elf doll and other items mentioned below are not included)


 Setup: Easy/Medium depending how you want to set it up.

Idea #1 - Use a red sheet or red tablecloth on the floor to make a big scene

Idea #2 - put pillows or blankets strategically placed around the room with furniture and see if the kiddo can get around the room without touching the floor (aka lava)